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November 2, 1988

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9 years experience in exporting. 8 years of sales management.Take charge of team building, sales generating, marketing, and administrating.Good at sales data analytics, business meeting & negotiating.Fluent English speaking and communication. Customer-demand-oriented, result-oriented, and problem-solving.It took me 5 months to become a Sales Supervisor and another 3 months to become a Sales Manager after my graduation. I spent 3 months becoming a top sales in the first job, 1 month getting an order of $100,000 in the third job, and 3 months boosting the sales volume from $10,000/month to $200,000/month. After moving to Guangzhou, I have devoted myself to the acrylic display industry for over 4 years. Our factory has been manufacturing premium acrylic displays, and POP displays for over 15 years. The engineering team is very professional to help improve product design. The workers are very skilled with familiar handcraft to produce the best acrylic displays. For me, an acrylic display is not a simple product. It is a marketing tool for retail stores to get better visual merchandising, for brand owners to enhance their brand image, and for wholesale distributors to grow their distribution network. With a deep understanding of acrylic displays, I believe Chinov Display’s sales team is able to provide true value to our customers.Please contact me for further discussion by email at victoria@acrylicdisplays.netMy WhatsApp is: +86 185 8876 9978Please visit our website at